Here at Bayonet Point Foot Health Center, Hudson Florida and Spring Hill Podiatry Center, Spring Hill Florida, we pride ourselves in taking the best possible precautions for our patients, to help keep you safe and healthy.

What is Sterilization?

Sterilization is an act of destroying all forms of life on and in an object. A substance is considered sterile when it is free of all living microorganisms. Using sterilization at the podiatrist’s office helps to prevent the transmission of disease during the use of various tools when providing services by destroying all microbes on their surface which could cause disease in our patients.

These microorganisms are killed either by physical agents like heat through an autoclave or by chemicals. Remember that destroying the microorganisms is done through sterilization and NOT through disinfection.

What is an Autoclave?

An autoclave is a self-locking machine that sterilizes instruments using steam pressure. The steam flows around each item in the unit. The vapor penetrates the paper package used to hold the tools and sterilizes the instruments killing the microorganisms.

You should always check to see that your medical assistant opens the sterile package in front of you. This ensures you are getting sterilized instruments.

Dr. Kales is a Podiatrist Who Cares! He takes your health and safety as his top priority. Please call for an appointment today at either our Bayonet Point location (727) 868-2128 or our Spring Hill location (352) 683-5799. We look forward to serving all your foot health needs!